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Thai Brides: Everything You Need To Know

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Thailand brides are just perfect. They make perfect wives, they are loyal and shy, they respect their partners and do everything to make their husbands happy — and they go crazy about American men. Want to know more about Thai brides? Then simply read this guide and find all the information you need!

Top facts about Thai mail order brides

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If you are searching for a Thailand mail order bride, here’s what you must know: they are not like American women. Aside from their beauty, there are many other facts you should know about them before dating them. What are we talking about? Here’s the list.

  • They are shy and conservative. The culture of this country is conservative (and when we say it we mean “restrictive”), and it makes sense that women who were raised in such an environment are conservative, too. They are very shy, especially in public — thus, there’s no such thing as PDA (public display of affection) in this country, and to be fair, they are not that good at expressing their feelings, especially during the first dates.
  • They are religious and that affects how they view the relationships. It’s not like they are raised in “some form” of religion; these women view religion extremely seriously and it’s actually a really important thing for them.
  • They are very close to their families. Thai women are extremely close to their families which means you will have to get close to the family of your Thai bride, too.
  • They know English well. The language barrier is often a major problem for Americans who are looking for an Asian bride, but not for those who are searching for Thailand brides. Point is, English is a mandatory school subject in this country, and lots of women speak English quite well (especially if you take the biggest cities in this country). It’s not like dating Phillipines brides (in the Philippines, English is an official language), but still, you will certainly not have the language barrier problem here.
  • They are emotional, sensitive, and easy-going. Some people think that dating an easy-going woman is the best choice a man can ever make. These girls are very easy to talk to, they are not jealous at all, and they are really fun to be around. That’s exactly why dating a Thai girl is 100% worth it.

Top tips on dating Thai brides

We won’t tell you how to date these ladies here, because each girl is unique and there are no “general” rules that will make them fall in love with you. However, there are at least three tips that will help you to have a successful first date — and if you follow them, we can guarantee that you’ll score some brownie points on the date. What are we talking about? The list is right here!

  1. Bring a gift. You don’t have to buy anything too expensive, like a brand new iPhone or a gold ring or whatever. A bouquet will work well (just don’t forget to ask her about her favorite flowers), as well as a bottle of perfume (again, don’t forget to ask her what perfume she uses). That’s how you will express your feelings and show her that you want to impress her. Asian women love it when a man buys a gift on the first date, and Thai girls are not an exception.
  2. Treat her with respect and be a gentleman. It’s an extremely obvious tip, but it really works with Asian girls. Pull her chair out, open the car doors, pay for the date, be respectful and polite. It’s extremely simple, but also extremely effective.
  3. Look your best! Thai brides love Americans, but it doesn’t mean that the looks don’t matter at all. Find your best clothes, shine your shoes, do everything to look your best — if you make a great first impression, your chances will increase.

Where to find Thailand brides?

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There are lots of places where you can find these girls, but we can recommend only one of them — mail order bride services. These platforms usually offer lots of messaging tools, such as a live chat and a video chat, they usually have many premium features (like gift delivery), and they are usually not that expensive. And of course, the best thing about these platforms is that they are full of real Thai brides who do really want to find an American man!