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Everything you need to know about Indonesian brides

Asian brides are no doubt among the most popular girls on major dating platforms. In fact, a gorgeous Indonesian girl is perhaps any man’s dream come true. But are you sure that such a woman would be a great match for you? Let’s figure this out together.

Traditional and family-oriented

The majority of Indonesian brides are very traditional and family-oriented. This is why these women usually do not waste their time on meaningless flings and short-term romances. In fact, Indonesian women take marriage and family seriously and they are particularly picky about their potential partners. Therefore, if you want to conquer this woman’s heart, you have to show her your serious intentions and readiness for commitment.


Indonesian people, in general, are quite religious, so naturally Indonesian girls follow strict religious tenets. The majority of people in Indonesia practice Islam, which is why dating an Indonesian girl is going to differ from dating Western women. Due to their religious beliefs, these girls are particularly obedient to their parents and therefore they will neither date nor marry a man their family doesn’t approve of. At the same time, if you are a Muslim who is looking for a wife from a good family, an Indonesian girl is going to be a perfect match for you.

Calm and easy to deal with

Calm and soft by nature, Indonesian girls are super easy to deal with. They are definitely not the type who would freak out about minor problems. Moreover, even when some serious issues occur, these girls manage to keep calm and resolve all the problems without any drama. As a matter of fact, patience and the ability to cope with problems in a calm way are extremely valuable qualities for any woman.


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As we have already mentioned above, Indonesian brides take marriage seriously, which is why these women are exceptionally loyal. These ladies value their families above all and this is why they will never jeopardize their family happiness because of a meaningless fling. Of course, it’s not a 100% guarantee that an Indonesian woman will never cheat on you but the chances of that actually happening are very low.


Raised in a patriarchal society, Indonesian girls are obedient to their parents and, when the time comes, to their husbands. These girls will definitely not question your opinion, disobey or disrespect you. Therefore, if you are looking for an obedient wife, an Indonesian beauty is a great way to go for you.

What an Indonesian bride looks for in men

Certainly, these women have their demands for their future husbands too. So here are some of the things Indonesian brides look for in men:

  • Financial stability and ability to provide for the family;
  • Faithfulness and honesty;
  • Readiness for commitment and family;
  • Decent social status;
  • Generosity both emotional and financial.

As you can see, Indonesian beauties are pretty demanding brides but if you want a perfect wife, you have to be a perfect husband. Of course, you don’t have to be a prince or a billionaire to seduce such a woman but you definitely have to have at least a couple of qualities that we mentioned above.

How to find Indonesian wife

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In case you are dreaming of an Indonesian, Indian, Chinese, or Japanese mail order bride, you might wonder where you can find these beauties. Of course, you can travel to Indonesia and try to look for a girlfriend there. But an easier and more efficient way to meet a gorgeous Indonesian bride is, certainly, by means of a dating site. Luckily, today there is a huge variety of dating platforms, so you can easily find a legit one and look for your future wife there. Hence, do not waste your precious time any longer, sign up on one of the dating platforms, and find your love today.

Wrapping up

Indonesian mail order brides are everything a man can possibly dream of. Gorgeous, calm, loyal, and obedient, such a woman would be a great match for many men. At the same time, these sophisticated beauties have some demands for their potential husbands too, so you will have to work hard in order to seduce an Indonesian princess. Certainly, these women are worth all your efforts and money and, once you marry one, you’ll no doubt understand that. Therefore, leave all your fears and doubts behind, head to a dating site, and meet your soulmate today.