Dating A Filipino Girl: All You Need To Know

Dating Filipino Girl

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Thousands of Filipinas are searching for Americans. They believe that men from the US are responsible and reliable, respectful and polite, emotionally and financially stable — and this is exactly why thousands of Filipinas date and even marry Americans every single year. If you want to date and marry a Filipina, too, you’ve definitely come to the right place — here, our experts will tell you everything about where to meet these beautiful girls and about how to succeed on your first date. Let’s start!

Where to find a Filipino girl?

Filipino mail order brides

Let’s make it clear: If you want to find asian women, you only have one option. We are talking about international dating platforms.

The point is, you can use Tinder and other local dating apps, but that’s certainly not what you need if you have serious intentions. According to our experience (and to the statistics, of course), most men who are searching for Filipinas are not just looking for a casual relationship or for a one-night stand. Most of the American men want to find a bride — and that’s why Tinder-like services just don’t work out for most of them. Such apps are cool when you want to find a girl to spend a night with, but when it comes to something more serious, it’s only mail-bride services that can help. These websites are usually not free, but they offer lots of messaging tools and premium features, like gift delivery or translation services. So, although these services are fee-based, they are literally the best place to find a Filipino girl.

Top 4 tips on how to date a Filipino girl

  1. Asian girls are different, and you’ll have to respect that. They are quite conservative and shy (especially in public), and you should forget about “public displays of affection” when you are in the Philippines. They are religious, so you must not show disrespect to their religion and culture. And of course, they never rush, and you’ll have to get used to it.
  2. Buy a gift. Don’t get us wrong, buying a gift is not like buying her attention. Buying a gift is the best thing you can do to show that you are interested and attracted to this woman — you won’t have to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars; a bouquet or her favorite perfume will work perfectly well.
  3. Act like a gentleman. These women think that Americans are gentlemen, so you’ll have to be up to their standards. Be polite and kind, open the doors, pull out the chair, show respect — it’s quite simple, but it will score you a lot of brownie points.
  4. Don’t rush into sex. It’s simple: these ladies have serious intentions and they are not searching for casual sex (well, most of them), so you will have to wait. Rushing into sex can kill your chances of creating real love, so just don’t rush.

Being a nice guy is a strategy that perfectly works with every Filipino girl. But don’t forget to be yourself, act natural, and she will like you, for sure!